Studio Rebuild

TG4 Case Study

Project Details

In 2012 TG4, Ireland’s Irish language channel, selected BVS a partners to roll out a very ambitious program to re-engineer the heart of their station in Galway.

The programme included the upgrade of their primary studio to HD, the upgrade of their house router and all associated infrastructure to HD, the replacement of all their playout servers / graphics servers, the upgrade of their presentation / play out areas to HD as well as the design and commissioning of an archive system.  One prerequisite of course was that they would stay on air 24/7 during the project.



Systems Integrated

BVS partnered with Evertz, Miranda ( now part of Grass Valley ), Grass Valley, S.A.M., AXON, TSL, Calrec, Imagine Communications and Bluebell Communications for the major infrastructure items for this project.

This was a challenging and rewarding project for BVS including as it did, most aspects of broadcasting architecture while working with a team of enthusiastic engineers.

Project Timeline

2012 - 2015

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